On the farm

On our farm, you can find a lot of space and opportunities for relaxing, just like it is supposed to be on holidays. For the kids, there are lots of means for playing – no matter if inside or outside. And of course, you can experience and take part in agriculture and the work with all the animals.


Either you spend your time in the apartment or in the big room downstairs, that also has a couch, or you go to the garden in the farm where you can find canvas chairs, a barbecue and a little hut as protection for bad weather or for long summer nights.


In the big room of the apartments building there is a play corner with a lot of toys and a table tennis. In the farm, you can find a basketball basket, a sandbox, a big playing house, and also bicycles, bobbycars, toy tractors etc. The farm also disposes of a play barn, where you can find many little animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken. There also is a playground made of straw for jumping and having fun. So for each weather and age, there is enough to do for having a good time.


When you are interested, and our daily work allows it, we enjoy spending time with our guests and share our work and activities with them. This can be

  • Feeding animals
  • Horseriding
  • Tractor driving
  • Fruit harvesting
  • Farm tours
  • Apple juice making
  • Tour and tasting in the distillery
  • Handcraft work

For more information, please also see our page Farm.